The official U.S. Selective Service System website located at www.SSS.gov, which is administered by the U.S. government and the only official website that maintains selective service numbers, allows individuals to register or verify their selective service number free of charge. You can go to their site and attempt to register or verify yourself without our services. So sometimes we receive questions as to why our organization charges a small service fee to assist others with the registration and verification process? 


We charge a small fee because we want to be able to serve you in the best way possible, by responding to your questions, issues, and registration problems as quickly as possible to ensure you don't lose benefits and are able to register properly. We also want to raise greater awareness and promote the importance of all men registering for Selective Service, as many men nationwide are unaware that this is required by law. In 2018 alone, at least 112,051 men who were required to register for Selective Service (according to the official Selective Service System's annual report), failed to properly register in time. Many of these men may never have known a registration requirement even existed until it was too late. Promoting the importance through our company's advertisements is one of the ways to help others understand the requirement exists to register and ensure individuals properly register on time.


We have also discovered through our research that many people run into issues when trying to register or verify their information at the official government site located at www.SSS.gov. Many individuals are able to register or verify right away through their system, but many others will receive website errors or issues when inputting their own information into their system. This leads these individuals to believe they are unable to register, when in fact, had they input their information in properly they would have been fine. No one should have to lose lifetime benefits because the Selective Service System is not functioning properly. The Selective Service online system relies on information that they have previously stored in their database when you go to register, if your information (SSN, DOB, Last Name) doesn't match their records precisely, then you may have problems. Furthermore, we have found that immigrants, dual-nationals, and others who may have just legally entered the country and are required to register as part of their U.S. citizen application process, may experience problems with the online system even though they have all the required information that should allow them to register. We have found many individuals experience problems and our job is to help you sort through those problems and errors to the best of our ability so that you don't lose key benefits.


Here are some examples below to illustrate the importance of our third-party assistance service:


1. Regular Technical Errors:


A client of ours had the last name of Sausedo Verduzco. This individual received an error indicating they were never registered when the last name they provided was input into the Selective Service System official verification check at www.SSS.gov. Had this individual continued to attempt verification under this name, they would have not received a successful verification and retrieval of their selective service number online. However, we discovered that the individual's information was accepted by the system when inputting "Sausedo" without including "Verduzco", and the name, registration number and date of registration information was provided to the client.  


Another client of ours had the last name Jackson-Carter. This individual was unable to be registered online because the Selective Service System official registration site did not recognize their last name, because it wasn't stored previously this way in their database. We were able to successfully help register this individual after inputting the last name as "Carter" instead, because this was the information the Selective Selective Service system recognized based on their stored information. This individual may have run into future issues receiving benefits simply because the system did not accept their full last name during the registration process.


Some individuals have one letter last names such as "Y" or "U." We have found that the Selective Service System returns an error for these individuals and doesn't allow them to register online. The system doesn't tell these individuals what to do next, it simply returns an error as if the individual has done something wrong. We assist those clients by providing them with the form so they can mail their registration in and guiding them on next steps to ensure they register properly. 


Many people don't have Social Security Numbers, the online registration system doesn't allow individuals to register through the online process without a Social Security Number. We have found that many individuals are unaware that they can register by mail through a mail-in form without a social security number. 


Many U.S. citizens are located overseas but still need to be able to register. Even though by law these individuals may be required to register, the Selective Service System website has been known to block users overseas from accessing their official website from a foreign country. These individuals are trying to do the right thing and register as required, but experience issues doing so beyond their control.


These are just a few of multiple instances of technical errors we have discovered which could have directly impacted the individual from receiving following the required law and receiving the benefits that come from registering. 


2. Slow Response Times:


We have also discovered through our research that when contacting representatives at the official site, response times to important questions are delayed and unacceptable for individuals who require immediate assistance. Individuals sometimes have to wait weeks or even months for a response by mail.


One of our clients experienced a situation where they emailed representatives at www.SSS.gov and it took almost 2 months to get a response.


A client contacted us after mailing the registration form twice to the selective service official address for her son, but had not received a response back from them in over a month. This delay forced her son's federal grant and financial aid to be placed on hold until the matter could be resolved.


We also receive questions regularly from clients wondering why the official site is down and why they are unable to reach their representatives by phone. You can call the Selective Service System's official representatives' phone number at 1-847-688-6888. But calling the number to speak with a representative in person may require you to spend hours on the phone due to extremely high call volumes.


We help with this process because we can help provide answers to questions that otherwise require you would undergo prolonged wait times trying to understand. Our support team regularly responds to questions on our contact page within minutes of receiving them, because we don't want individuals to experience problems registering or verifying their selective service numbers.


3. Confusion on what to do next


We have found many people are confused by the overall process, especially if they were unaware or uninformed that they needed to register in the first place. We have tried to simplify our website so that individuals can utilize our services and expertise to guide them with the right steps in the process. We also try to focus on individuals who have problems and may also need help obtaining "status of information" letters if they haven't registered on time.  Please contact us if you need assistance submitting the proper documentation to receive a status of information letter or exemptions from the official Selective Service. 


Again, you don't have to use our service but how much would you pay for quick customer service and ensuring it's completed properly and in accordance with applicable laws?



SelectiveServiceNumber.Org is a premier service provider of professional document preparation services providing a simplified process to obtain a registration with the U.S. Government. We work for our clients to help make the entire process quick, easy, secure, and worry free. We act on behalf of you (our client) and are in no way affiliated with any US government agency or the official site at www.SSS.gov, where you can go to register for free without our company's services. We are an independent, third-party site that was designed to raise awareness and assist you with registering for selective service, verifying prior selective service numbers and registrations, pre and post-registration questions, online training, and the purchase of compliant labels and ID cards. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us anytime. 

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