How To Request A Status Of Information Letter From The Selective Service System:

Disclaimer: The guide below is provided for informational purposes only. Our company does not process Status of Information letter requests. All official requests for Status of Information letters must be submitted directly to the official Selective Service System representatives for processing at You can learn more about Status of Information requests by going directly to the official U.S. Selective Service System site for these requests here:

What Is A Status of Information Request?

A Status of Information letter request allows individuals to receive official correspondence from the Selective Service System representatives regarding whether a requirement to register existed for the individual and the facts surrounding your registration status. It is typically used by men who are over the age of 26 years old.


This official letter also states whether or not you are currently registered with the U.S. Selective Service System at and whether you were or were not required to register. Individuals applying for citizenship or financial aid may be asked to provide an official response from the Selective Service System in the form of a status letter to help determine exemption from registration requirements or eligibility for benefits if you have passed the age requirement set forth the Selective Service System to register.

How Do I Request A Status of Information Letter?


You can request a Status of Information Letter directly from the official Selective Service System website by navigating to their government site at:

or by calling their official representatives at 847-688-6888.


You can also download the Selective Service System status of information form directly from the official Selective Service System website here:


Once you have downloaded their form, fill it out completely in as much detail as possible, and mail it to their official address listed on the form. We have found that it can take up to 90 days to receive an official response from them for your Status of Information request, but typically see our customers receiving responses via mail around the 30-45 day mark. For urgent matters, we recommend calling the official Selective Service System representatives at 847-688-6888, remaining on the line, and requesting a Status of Information request over the phone.


Need further help? If you need further assistance, have additional questions, or would like to utilize our company’s service offerings to assist you with submitting a Status of Information letter directly to the Selective Service System, please email our company support team at [email protected] or fill out our contact form here regarding your request for our additional assistance. 

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Download the Status of Information request form by navigating to the official Selective Service System website at:

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